Based out of Prescott, AZ, Longworth Creative specializes in creating and renovating websites, building digital rapport, maintaining successful online presences, and more. I produce all types of projects, for all types of clients no matter where you are located.

Whether you’re looking for creative ideas on boosting your web persona or you need a site tailored to your specific needs, all of your expectations are guaranteed to be met, and exceeded. My unique combination of specialized services provides you with a single point of contact.

Longworth Creative, LLC is not a building full of cubicles: it is a creative business run by one highly-motivated woman: Jennifer Longworth. This guarantees that you will receive consistent, professional service. You will not be dealing with people of varying skill levels. I manage each project with attention to detail, flexibility and grace under pressure.

Most people inexplicably prefer to go to a big business to have their problems solved, and many people come away from the experience feeling frustrated, overlooked, and hopeless. If you’re looking for honest, creative, and effective solutions, you’ve come to the right place.